1. "Director Joe Jukenievich cuts to the bone, the funny bone it turns out, with his take no prisoners staging..."
    Beverly Creasey, BOSTON ARTS REVIEW (on NURSE PLAY)
  2. "Director Joe Juknievich’s ground-level approach heightens the drama."
  3. "Director Joe Juknievich gives the play a staging that constantly keeps the characters in motion. Given the strict barriers of the playing space, over time it creates the sense that our four main leads are trapped with each other, unable to break away from what’s coming."
    James Wilkinson, THE THEATER MIRROR (on ALL MY SONS)
  4. "Director Joe Juknievich has smartly staged the piece, the pacing is brisk, and again, he has the cast rising to the occasion when it’s most needed, when Miller strips bare the outer shells of the characters, and teeth are bared."
    Richard Fahey, ON BOSTON STAGES (on ALL MY SONS)
  1. "Joe is a remarkably assured, authoritative, open-minded but clear-sighted director. He does an outstanding job holding space for his actors to experiment and grow, and dives deep into the script. His preparedness and calm temperament kept our cast on an even keel."
    Robin Abrahams, PhD., Writer-Speaker-Researcher Actor (ALL MY SONS)
  2. "The play remains expansive and emotionally powerful in this company’s hands, and REMARKABLY relevant right now when America’s core values, identity, and legacy are at issue."
    Joyce Kulhawik, JOYCE'S CHOICES (on ALL MY SONS)
  3. "...the wit that director Joe Juknievich brings to the project shines through."
    James Wilkinson, Rabbit Reviews Boston, (on A GRIMM THING)